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CTA Aquila Control valves
Aquila control valves
CTA Aquila Druckreduzierventile
In nominal diameters DN50 to DN800
DIN EN 1092-2 flange connection
PN10, PN16, PN25
Area of application
Water supply, water plant engineering, industry, power stations
Product attributes
Pressure control valve, straight type, with 2 manometers
Self-controlled pressure regulator can be used as:
Pressure sustaining valve
Pressure reducing valve
Surge anticipator/pressure relief valve
Flow control/limiting valve
Level and limiting valve
Level and sustraining valve
Float valve
Float valve with pressure sustain function
Materials and corrosion protection
Body and cover made from EN -JS 1030 (GGG- 40)
Interior from stainless steel
Valve seat from stainless steel
Control line from non-rusting steel
Diaphragm from nylon – reinforced NBR
Corrosion protection: inside and outside EPP coated,
RAL 5005 blue, coating thickness approx 250┬Ám